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Cincinnati and the War of 1812


Although Cincinnati did not see any conflict during the War of 1812, it played a pivotal role in almost every Northwestern campaign of the war. At the outbreak of the Second war with the British, Cincinnati had turned into a bustling port town of 2,540 residents. Gone was the military outpost known as Fort Washington. Progress and town expansion had swallowed up its location. Military focus had moved across the Ohio River to Newport, Kentucky. At the mouth of the Licking River, Newport Barracks replaced Cincinnati’s crumbling old wooden stockade in 1803.

Being a river town, Cincinnati would be important for the mobilization of troops and supplies going North to support the war effort. Between August, 1812 and September, 1813, no less than four campaigns to Northern Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan began here. As troops and supplies went North, wounded and British prisoners made their way here to convalesce or spend their time in POW camps. Beginning with this discussion, we will take in depth looks at the impact that Cincinnati had on the War of 1812. Much more will be covered in the Heritage Village Museum War of 1812 Symposium.

Join us November 9 at 10:00 am, at Heritage Village Museum, as we celebrate the bicentennial of the War of 1812. Presenting will be nationally published authors; Larry L. Nelson, Karo Tiro, and Mary Stockwell. They will be discussing the American, British, and Native American perspectives of the conflict that helped shape Cincinnati and the state of Ohio.

Paint Out Art Show

Area artists came to the Heritage Village Museum throughout the summer to capture the Village in all its colorful glory. The result is our first ever Heritage Village Museum art show!

The show will run November 10th from 10-4, November 11th from 1-4, November 14-16th from 10-4 and November 21 & 23rd from 10-4.

Many of the paintings will be for sale with 10% going to the Heritage Village Museum.

The show runs The cost is $2 for adults and $1 for children 5-11, members free.

We are excited to have everyone view these beautiful pieces of art.

Base Ball Fans Get Ready!

If you like watching baseball, you’re sure to enjoy taking in a vintage base ball (two words in the olden days) game at the Heritage Village Museum.  We are proud to be the home of two vintage base ball teams, the 1869 Redstockings and the Cincinnati Buckeyes! Teams play wearing authentic uniforms, using authentic equipment, and playing by the rules and customs of the day.

The Reds might be playing already, but Opening Day here at the Village is coming up soon. On Sunday, April 29 our two home teams will play their first game of the season! Come out and enjoy the free entertainment and experience base ball as fans did when it was first played.

Cincinnati Buckeyes play at 1:00pm

1869 Redstockings play at 3:00pm

Coming Soon: Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Moment

Wednesday, April 25th brings the first of this year’s enlightening evening programs. Ride the rails with Lincoln as he travels to Gettysburg, completes his famous Gettysburg Address, and then delivers one of the most admired speeches in American History.

 Professor Martin P Johnson, Assistant Professor of History at Miami University Hamilton, will be our guide as we look into  the mysterious and controversial story of the speech that changed the course of the Civil War and transformed our vision of ourselves.

This program will take place on Wednesday, April 25, at 7:00pm in the Hayner House Ballroom. It is FREE to the public.