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19th Century Christmas Crafts

ImageThe holiday of Christmas as we know it today did not get its start in America until around the 1820’s.  At this time in history, we see more widespread gift giving and decorating.  In the 1830’s we see the rise in popularity of the Christmas tree in the United States.  As we begin to transition and think of our Village snow covered and quaint for the holidays, our thoughts turn to the fun times that can be had by all here.  When we open our doors for “Holly Days” weekend, we have several activities planned for the whole family.  These activities were carefully researched to maintain as much historical accuracy as possible.  Those who would like to participate in our activities can go home with wonderful hand made Christmas décor.

Hayner House will be the site for those who would like to create a Pine Cone Ornament.  Pine cones are something that would have been readily available to early residents of Southwest Ohio.  As Christmas decorations were made from common or scrap items, pine cones offer that perfect chance to create by hand a keepsake much as pioneers might have done.

Join us at Elk Lick House where we will be making paper chains.  The use of paper for Christmas decorations goes back centuries in Europe.  As people and traditions found their way to America, so did paper decorations.  Guests will have the opportunity to make paper garland or tree of their own. 

Benedict House is used often to discuss textiles.  It is a fitting site for our yarn doll making.  Early settlers often decorated their trees with many hand made items.  Sometimes, even as today, the gifts were put in the tree.  Yarn dolls would have served two purposes.  They could be used as decoration but also as a simple toy for a lucky little girl.

Come join us December 14 & 15 from 12 pm-4 pm, as we dress up the Village in her holiday finery and relive the celebration of Christmas through the eyes and activities of 19th Century Cincinnati.