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Holly Days

Hi everyone! Our last event of 2012 is quickly approaching , as is the end of the year. Holly Days is our old-fashioned holiday event and will be held on Sunday December 16th from 12pm-4pm.

Enjoy old fashioned holiday crafts, cookies, train displays, storytelling, and more!

We hope you can join us!

During our Holly Days event, we will be discussing the legends and folklore behind some of our favorite holiday objects and I wanted to share one  with you today.

The Christmas tree:

The Christmas tree has been a German tradition since as early as the 17th century, but many ancient civilizations held evergreens to be a symbol of life during the long winter months and decorated trees as a symbol of eternal life.  In 1841 Prince Albert, German husband of Queen Victoria introduced the custom to the royal family.  In 1850 a tinted etching of a decorated tree at WindsorCastle was published and the tree became a necessity for every fashionable Victorian home. Live trees were set up for the Christmas season decorated with lighted candles, draped with tinsel, ribbon, paper chains, cookies and candies. The first Christmas tree was placed at the White House by President Franklin Pierce in 1856.

 Homemade cornucopias of paper filled with fruit, nuts, candy, and popcorn were hung from branches of trees in America and England.  Beautiful shaped cookies were hung for treats on Christmas day.  Often the gifts were also wrapped and hung from branches.